FM Snachat APK

Click Snap and enhance photography level

Hide View Snap

You can allow only friends to see your snap

Hide View Story

Hide your Stories and Shows that you don't like​

Hide Read Messages

Read messages without knowing anyone

Who in the world doesn’t possess a smartphone nowadays? The world is progressing to bring out the next level of technologies, devices, and much more. In the middle of these, many developers offer their services with a better camera consisting of filters and features. But, coming to the apps which enhance the filter section are readily available on the Google Play Store.

Among those, every single user is familiar with Snapchat’s innovative features. It’s almost a decade in the market for Snapshot and still gaining popularity. On Google Play Store, it stands at number two in the list of top free social communication apps.

The original version of Snapchat has its limitations in terms of use, filters, and features. So, developers brought up the FM Snapchat APK to overcome these issues. Unlocking dozens of features, FM Snapchat is slightly ahead in the race.

An Introduction of FM Snapchat

Developed by FMMods, FM Snapchat is the mod version of the original Snapchat, providing some extra features. Features, such as photo and video clip sharing, where you use the camera to capture the moments. You can take a screenshot of a snap or type a text message to your loved ones.
In FM Snapchat, users can use filters, bitmoji, lenses, emojis, and more effects. Saving the snaps and stories without knowing to senders is one of the notable features of this APK. Optimized with fast loading and performance, FM Snapchat allows you to customize the app with numerous themes.
Using the latest FM Snapchat app, one can easily send snaps, messages, photos, videos, or media files to anyone in the disappear mode. Unlike Snapchat, FM Snapchat APK allows you to record Snapchat screens with premium features at no cost.

Features Of FM Snapchat

  • Secret Screenshot/record
  • Hide View Snap
  • Hide View Story
  • Hide Read Messages
  • Hide Online in chat
  • Hide Typing in chat
  • Secret Typing
  • Auto-Saving snaps
FM Snapchat APK is a modded version of the original that possesses premium customization options and features. In this article, we’re going to cover some of the notable features of this APK.
  • Unique Filters: For any social media app, filters keep it ahead in the race for enhancement and popularity. Filters provide users with a more fascinating photography experience like, making the bunny, dog, or cat filters or changing the mood of the face. Girls can use free makeup filters to create more engaging and attractive looks.


  • Saving Snaps and Stories: Unlike the original app, FM Snapchat APK provides you the feature of saving snaps and stories without the sender’s knowledge. Moreover, you can take screenshots of chat or snap. 


  • Snap Map: Snap Map is an impressive feature where you can set your moods and an illustration of current activity through a bitmoji or emoji character on the map. You can filter your visibility in the snap map from other users. You can keep track of your friends if they allow their bitmoji characters to be visible on the map.


  • New Themes and Lenses: With FM Snapchat, one can customize the UI with premium themes. There are various latest lenses that you can apply on snap or stories.


  • Private Chat: FM Snapchat is private and secures messages, files, and snaps that automatically disappear after being viewed by your friend. You can delete the chat by setting a timer of max 24 hours. If another person takes a screenshot of your chat, FM Snapchat will notify you.


  • Personalized Profile Matches: FM Snapchat lets you match your attributes and signs with others. With the common charm feature, you can see the compatibility, zodiac sign compatibility, astrological results, and more. 


  • Sticker Creation: With FM Snapchat, users can design stickers and merge them with their friends to create a group photo more uniquely. Plenty of emojis options help you to design and modify the pictures.

How to use FM Snapchat mod APK?

  • Install the App on your device and log in with your Snapchat credentials.
  • You can take a snap or upload it from the device Gallery after giving the necessary permissions.
  • Use the multiple premium filters and lenses on a single snap with FM Snapchat.
  • There’s an option for the Snap Map feature in the bottom left corner.
  • Enjoy the stickers and emojis with the sticker icon on the right side. 
  • You can add text, emojis, stickers, or drawings to your snap with the ”T” icon.
  • Use the ”Quick Add” feature to add friends on FM Snapchat from your contacts.
  • With three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen, you can save the received snaps and stories.
  • View your friend’s stories and snap by swiping down on the camera screen.

How to Install FM Snapchat MOD APK on an Android device?

  • Go to settings on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the security section and search for the option, Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Turn it on as it is required for the installation process.
  • Open any browser on your device and paste the following URL:
  • Download the FM Snapchat mod APK and start the installation process.

How to install FM Snapchat MOD APK on PC?

To install FM Snapchat on PC, you need to download an emulator.
  • First, download the BlueStacks from the given link:
  • After downloading, start the installation process with the .exe file.
  • Now, create a new account on the BlueStacks.
  • Later, download the FM Snapchat mod APK from this link:
  • Now, open the download directory and open FM Snapchat with BlueStacks.
  • Allow BlueStacks to access FM Snapchat APK and it will start the installation process.
  • Finally, you’ll see the FM Snapchat icon on the emulator’s home screen.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

As it is developed by FMMods, installation won’t be a problem for users. Make sure to download it from the official website and keep it updated.

No, FM Snapchat includes an Anti-ban feature to avoid detection from Snapchat servers. However, too much use of the mod APK can lead to a temporary or permanent ban account.

No, FM Snapchat is a free-of-cost APK that includes premium features. To use this APK, the only thing a user needs is data.

Yes, one can go back to the latest and official version of Snapchat if a user account is not banned. However, using a third-party application can violate the terms and conditions of a company.

If you’re facing a problem with the update, then you need to uninstall the app and download the latest version from the official website. Sometimes, the cache of MOD APK creates problems during the update.

Final Words

Despite not being updated regularly, FM Snapchat MOD APK works flawlessly with accuracy. Fm Snapchat doesn’t collect or record users personal information and follows the original Snapchat policies. However, using the MOD APK depends on you whether going with FM Snapchat is the right thing for you or not.